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Prague is universally regarded as one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. The city’s historic centre with the unparalleled panorama of Prague Castle, the biggest castle complex in the world, is a UNESCO heritage site.

And it is the city’s historic centre and many monuments that attract millions of tourists from all over the world every year. Its rich history makes it one of the most culturally significant cities in the world. There are 37 national cultural monuments in Prague.

Prague’s history stretches back eleven centuries. As the historic capital of Bohemia it has been the seat of Bohemian princes and kings and Holy Roman Emperors.

Prague Tours

Prague tours

Do you think Prague has too much culture to discover in just a few hours or days? Then our tours of Prague are just for you. Besides tours of the best-known sites and monuments we can offer you several special tours during the daytime and evening.

If you are interested in mystery, we will show you narrow, twisting lanes and mysterious nooks and corners. We will take you to places of legend steeped in secrets of murderous thieves and gothic creatures.

Besides bus tours we also offer bicycle tours of Prague. Come with us to the Old Jewish Quarter. Discover the house where Franz Kafka was born; the Old-new Synagogue, the oldest synagogue in Central Europe; and the Old Jewish Cemetery. Or are you more tempted by Prague’s nightlife? Then you will enjoy our tour of Prague pubs.

River cruises

Boat trips on the river Vltava

The river offers unequalled views of Prague’s most beautiful sights. There are many boat trips to choose from. These can be combined with dinner, lunch or dance music.

Romantic cruises on the Vltava have recently become extremely popular, so the boats run practically all year round. You can also order special transfers, e.g. from your hotel to the jetty or vice versa, or a guide. Given the limited capacity we recommend you book in advance.

The boats in Prague come in various sizes. We are happy to arrange private boat trips, with live music, for example, or with a magician or caricaturist. Boat trips can also start and end at different locations. That option can be used in combination with a standard “dry-land” tour of Prague, for example, or as a way to travel to a restaurant near the river.


Weather in Prague

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