Clam-Gallas Palace

Staré Město, Husova 20

Pearl of baroque, one of the most beautiful Prague palaces is a perfect example of baroque palace building of a Viennese style. The building started in the year 1713 and was ordered by viceroy of Napoli Jan Václav Gallas. The palace was built by Giovanni Domenico Canevalle according to the plans of an important Viennese architect Johan Bernard Fisher of Erlach. After J. V. Gallas´s death in 1719 his inheritor Filip Josef continued with the building and contracted an excelent italian painter Carlo Carloni to decorate the palace. In 1757 the family of Gallas died out and the palace became property of Gallas´s nephew (son of his sister), Kristián Filip of Clam. That´s how the family names joint, creating the family Clam-Gallas. The overall appereance of the palace was inspired by antique mythology. Monumental representative palace complex is four-wing and two-floor building surrounding the quarter-shaped courtyard with the front facade and two portals. The back wing reaches to the Malé Square. The palace is great example of monumental building in a tight medieval street network. The statues were made by the workshop of Matyáš Bernard Braun. The famous statue of the Vltava River called Terezka was sculpted by Václav Práchner and is situated at the niche of the wall at Marianské square. The wall surrounds a small garden open at 1800 on the place of former cemetery of the church of Our Lady Na Louži ("Na Louži" means "at the puddle). During its golden time the palace was a popular venue for balls and concerts. The palace was also often visited by famous guests, e.g. Mozart with his wife Konstanz and Josefina Dušková, who was said to be close friend of Clam-Gallases. Also Beethoven played in the palace. When mantaining of such a huge comlex became too expensive the owners rented some spaces for the offices. Franz Kafka had one of his first jobs here after his law studies. Between the wars and till 1950s the wedding ceremonies were held here. In 1945, after the fire of the Old Town Townhall the official Prague Archive was moved to Clam-Gallas Palace. In 1978 it was decided that the palace in disrepair conditions and since that time it is being reconstructed.


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