Hrzansky Palace

Hradčany, Loretánská 9

One of the several Prague palaces of the family Hrzán is situated in southern part of the Loretanska Street. It is one of the oldest building of Hradcany District. It is on the place of former Gothic house owned by the St. Vitus Chapter. In 14th century it was owned by the second architect of St. Vitus Cathedral, Peter Parler. One of its later owners, the Supreme Chancelor Jindřich of Plavno had a new house built on the place of probably abandoned or even destroyed older house. Adam Sternber Sr. had this house enlarged considerably. Supreme chamberlain Oldřich Desiderius Pruskovský had the house rebuilt in rennaisance style and added one more floor facing the Loretanska Street. Another owner, count Kolovrat-Krakovsky in 1657 enlarged the palace - in the back part, facing Úvoz street, where the terrain is very steep, built 5-floor building and connected it by the west-wing with the palace. He also joined the house togehter with the neibouring house, which is nowadays known as Ditrichstejnsky Palace. When the Kolovrat family got into debts, the whole complex was bought by count Zikmund Valentin Hrzán of Harasov and the palace till our time bears his name. At the end of 18th century the palace became chapter house of St. Vitus deanery. The chapter had rebuilt the palace in 1775 - 1780, during this reconstruction the recent baroque facade covered the original rennaisance one, which was decorated by sgrafitto rustica. In one of the palace appartments with a nice terrase and beautiful view of Prague lived later prezident T. G. Masaryk with his wife Charlotte. In the ateliér at the back part of the palace lived and worked the painter Jan Slavíček in years 1937 - 1970. In 1949 - 1954 the whole building was reconstructed for representation of Ministery of Culture and later for the Czechoslovac Government. The palace is now used for the representation and diplomatic purposes of the government of the Czech Republic.


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