Lichtenstein Palace

Malá Strana, U Sovových mlýnů 4

The Lichtenstein Palace is situated at Kampa Island. In the 16th century the land belonged to the order of the Knights of Malta. After the great fire of the Lesser Town in 1541 the debris from the burned-down houses was put at this place to harden the river banks and protect the lands from the floodings. Afterwards there was built a house who was then bought by an important Lesser Town burgher, Kryštof Kobr of Kobršperk. The palace became property of the Lichtensteins in 1831 when Jan Josef the Count of Lichtenstein bough it. He had the palace rebuilt in classicist style. In 1864 František Odkolek, the miller, bouht the palace and had it rebuilt again, this time in neorenaissance style by the constructor František Srnec. The city of Prague got the palace from the Odkoleks family and then during the WW2 it was occupied by the Nazis. The city of Prague after the war changed the garden into a public park and the palace was used for offices. In 1982 there started the reconstruction for the usage of the Government of the Czechoslovac Republic, who used the object in that time. Also the palace interiours were reconstructed.


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