Kinsky Palace

Staré Město, Staroměstské náměstí 11 a 12

This rococo palace was built according to the project of Anselmo Lurago or Kilian Ignac Dientzenhofer in the years 1755 to 1765 for Jan Arnošt Golz (Golč). At this place used to be the house „Of the Old Currency“ and Muglicerovsky („At the Royal Thron“). In 1768, after the count Golz´s passed away, the palace was bought by the count František Oldřich Kinsky. The palace remained the posession of the family till the year 1945, In 1843 Berta Suttner-Kinsky, the first Nobel Peace Prize winner, was born here. In 1893 to 1901 Franz Kafka attended the German General High School which was situated in the second floor of the Kinsky Palace. In the groundfloor his father Hermann Kafka had his haberdashery shop there since 1912 till the rest of his life. Untill the year 1929 it was the seat of Polish Embassy. On 25th February 1948 Klement Gottwald had his famous speach there which started the new era of totality for our nations. In the years 1995 till 2000 the palace underwent the reconstruction. The Kinsky library was restored, new puppet theater started and old romanesque and Gothic cellars were open under strong monument protection measurements. After the reconstruction Kafka bookshop was reopened. There is also situated the infocenter of the National Gallery which has their offices here as well as the café and museum shop. The front wing hosts the exhibitions.


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