Sternberk palace - Lesser Town

Malá Strana, Malostranské náměstí 7

The palace came to being through the Renaissance and Baroque reconstruction of two gothing houses from the second half of the 14th centrury. Today late Baroque form of the palace came to being in the 18th century during the epoch of František Damián Šternberk. The author of the facades of two nocnected houses is probably Giovanni Battista Alliprandi. It is probable that it was here where the Society of Patriotic Friends of Art was founded in 1796. This Society established first Czech public gallery as well as the Academy of Fine Arts. This gallery was the predecessor of the National Gallery. In 1901, Leopold Šternberk sold the palace to the Czech Kingdom Comitte in order to helf Parliamentary meetings there. In 1993, the return of the property to the hands of the House of Representatives of the Czech Parliament was issued.


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