Wallenstein Palace

Malá Strana, Valdštejnské náměstí 4

Built between 1624 - 1630 as the first monumental early Baroque structure in Prague for one of the most powerful and affluent aristocrats of the post - Bila Hora period, Albrecht Václav Eusebius Valdštejn, it spread over a large area originally covered with 26 houses, 6 gardens, 2 brickworks and a vacant lot. Five courtyards are surrounded by three-story palace buildings and two-story administration and utility buildings which face the palace garden to the south and the riding hall to the east. An important part of the palace complex, the Italian-style Wallenstein garden displays a Sala Terrena, grotto, aviary and an artificial pond with an islet. At the time of the First Czechoslovak Republic, the palace was the seat of the Ministry of information and education and a various government institutions were located there later on. The riding hall was turned into a venue of the Czech National Gallery between 1952 -1954. A major and costly renovation of the palace complex which took more than five years was completed in 2001 as the palace became the seat of the Czech Senat. The premises of the palace are open to the public that can visit the courtyards, the Main Hall, Leather Saloon, Mirror Hall, Audience Hall, Wallenstein Study and Mythological Corridor. Until 1955, the palace was the residence of Countess Wallenstein and her maid. The countess passed away at the age of 104.


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